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Escape Home is a media entertaining and online escape company based in Houston, Texas. The organisation is founded in 2018 by creator and actor Henry Lanier. The company focuses on the production of entertaining educational videos for classrooms and for everyone at home wanting an escape.

In our studio we have 3 people working; Henry, Charlie and Georgia. Our small team works close together to produce 2 videos for teachers per week. We get support from all around the world from people and other businesses that help us grow and reach more people.

The advertising is managed by our agency Henry Co. All our Escape videos and Escape questions are subtitled by HENRY subtitles.

Hello I'm Henry lanier the CEO and founder of this family run company! I started EscapeYourHome inn 2018 for a cheap way for parents and teachers to school kids where ever and whenever! I also invented to supervillains because that just seems SO cool! 

Hey I'm Georgia Lanier! I am Henry's little sister and I work on the Escapes and do all of the female Supervillains. I also help my brother manage the website. I love working here because it is so fun and creative!

Hello I'm Charlie lanier! I work mainly on the website but sometimes help Henry out with the videos. I am the source of ideas when it comes to this whole company. Henry wanted something for me to do on a weekend and I said to do an Escape Room. 

Teacher Friendly

All of our Escape Workshops are curriculum based and teacher Friendly.

Find an Escape Workshop

Check out our Escape Workshops! We are continually creating new Escape Workshops based on different subject material and grade levels. New Escape Workshops are added each week.

Low Cost

We have kept the cost very low. You can purchase Escapes / Mysteries / Adventures individually or join our All-Access Membership (this gives you access to all of our Escapes, Mysteries & Adventures for 12 months, plus any new ones that come out)


1 Teacher License: This allows 1 teacher the right to use the purchased Escape, Adventure or Mystery.

School License: This allows ALL teachers within the school the right to use the purchased Escape, Adventure or Mystery.

Purchase Orders

Yes. We accept Purchase Orders. Purchase Orders may be sent to hmanlanier@gmail.com.

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