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What do we offer?

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Super villains rap


                  The Escape Home

The Escape Your Home as it is called challages your kids to solve puzzles within a time limt up to 45 minutes. Each of our escapes are tied around school like problems they have to solve in order to escape!

              Choose your own adventure

This is a Google slides where you have to choose the right path because only one is right... Led by our bad guys of the furture you need to choose the right paths within 20 minutes... Choose or loose 

                         Murder Mystery 

Murder Mystery is a role play type thing where kids will have to follow the "script" on the page to find out who killed who. This has nothing to do with The Escape Home

                         Super Escapes

This is the Super Escape were you are put in one of many evoments. But now you are in a mission. You have to solve it. Everyone needs help. 

              Treasure Hunt Series

This is a series where you have found yourself in a different timeline where evil is lerking in the corners of you room. This is a 10 episode series and you will have to stop the zombie pirate in his evil takeover of the peace of st nicholess treasure. Pay one price for the who series. Coming 1/12/20

The Masked Man                  The Gas Man                 The Hacker                 Eve The Elf

Zom-B                                 The Creepy Clown      Willy Wild snakes              The Mader Scientest

The Wizard                      Glitch                           The Hobo                           The ape man

Shiver me bones              Voodoo Viper           Crash Test Dummy

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